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E-Commerce Checklist in Portugal - Legal Guide to Opening an online store

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Embarking on the journey of launching your online store/e-commerce website in Portugal?

This E-Commerce Checklist is a comprehensive step-by-step guide with actionable

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Comprehensive Guide

Unfortunately nearly all tips you can find on the websites and checklists of the first pages of Google search are not enough, miss many important updates and changes to the e-commerce law in Portugal.

You can confidently know that this guide goes much more in depth

Avoid potential fines and penalties from ASAE

If you are selling online in Portugal, but don't strictly follow the Portuguese e-commerce rules, you are open to receiving a fine from ASAE.

Step-by-step action plan.

Clear, concise and easy-to-follow actionable tips. Say goodbye to the hundreds of confusing ambiguous pages of law-talk of the Portuguese Republic Diary.


Examples from many successful online stores in Portugal so that it's even easier for you to implement things in your own website.

Expertly Curated Resources

Alongside the checklist you'll gain access to relevant government websites, legal documents and trusted resources and references to further support your journey.

Get your questions answered

Something isn't clear? Have a specific question regarding your online store in Portugal

Save Time and Money

The most common fines that ASAE searches for and that nearly all new online stores get can range from 300€ to 3000€.
You can be confident this list makes it really easy to avoid these, minimizing the risk of fines, penalties and headaches down the road.

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E-Commerce Checklist in Portugal - Legal Guide to Opening an online store

0 ratings
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